Just after some help in this uncertain time. My husband and I have been gifted a deposit of 80k. We would like to purchase a house at the value of 210k. We have a joint income excluding garenteed overtime of 33k including overtime 64k. We both have a total of 8 missed payments and 2 defaults in the past year. No ccjs,bankruptcy etc and this will be our first mortgage, are we likely to find a mortgage who will lend to us in the next 3 months? Thank you for your time. 
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Hi, thanks for getting in contact.

This will of course come down to the finer details however on face value there should be a solution for you.

The credit issues are fairly recent therefore if you are looking to purchase in 3 months time I would ensure your bank statement conduct is a good as possible (no returned DD's, gambling, excessive overdraft use etc) as a lender is likely to focus on this to establish overall financial conduct.

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