Were looking at a 95% mortgage. Defaults over 3 years old. No missed payments or pay day loans. One DMP paid off recently the other ongoing. 
We had a broker who found a 95% mortgage before the Coronavirus but that has been pulled.
Are there any still on the market and would we fit the criteria? If so what are the general rates?
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Morning Char,

Unfortunately the combination of variables here will make it incredibly difficult and even more so in the current situation.

If you were buying a new build property and using the help to buy equity scheme, it is likely to be easier to place.

Assuming you are not then the source of your deposit, your bank account conduct verifying specific affordability and the event/s that led to the Debt Management Plan will be critical to your success.

We would never discuss general rates as would be impossible to predict, but 95% mortgages generally (without any adverse credit) are currently difficult to achieve so you do have a tough task ahead.

Best of luck
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