imhave taken the online quiz which says you may be able to help, but am very embarrassed!

I have 5 defaults the newest being from 2018 the oldest 2014 and 2 Cjc’s totalling £1100 the newest being from 2018. 

i have been in rented accommodation for many years but am looking to buy again. I would be able to put down around a 20% deposit. 

do you think it is worth talking and what kind of information would I need for you?

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Hi there,

Firstly please don't be embarrassed as life often gets in the way of a perfect credit file.

On the face of it there are likely to be options for you, as the quiz also confirmed.

It will be imperative for us (or any specialist broker) to see sight of your credit report and for you to sanity check it is an accurate reflection.

Obviously income, bank account conduct, source of deposit and existing credit commitments will all play a part in your suitability for a mortgage now.

Many brokers (us including) will typically establish what options you do have now and in the future at no upfront cost.

Nothing you have said should preclude you from a mortgage now and your deposit certainly helps.

Best of luck
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