I have a property worth roughly 500k, in 2006 I took out an interest only mortgage (on some pretty poor advice but my own fault) when the mortgage came to an end I had to remortgage as I had ne repayment vehicle in place
During this time I had to take out a secured loan (second charge mortgage)
This all equated to about 80% of my monthly salary.

I was told at the time 2017 ish to wait and improve my credit, this has not happened as month on month i have managed to just get by, other credit has been necessary for car repairs boiler etc (all my own fault i know)

I am now  in the state of 
Mortgage 130k (900 PM)
2nd charge 80k (700 PM)
loans 12k (500 PM)

I desperately need to refinance.

Any advice greatly received
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Hi there,

Nothing you have said sounds impossible, but it will come down to your overall income and your detailed credit profile.

Clearly the value of your property should open you up to a fair amount of lenders, with specifically your income being the critical factor.
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