I have 7 defaults on my file. 6 will expire next August leaving one which will at that time be 3 years old for £100 to a telecom company.
so I’m trying to save with C.U and aiming to apply for a mortgage after September next year. Will 20% deposit be enough or better with 25%? And also do mortgage providers include child benefit as earnings? Or universal credit payments? Or child maintenance payments from ex husband?
i am part time earning £19,000 and curious to try and work out my maximum allowance. Newly separated and just need my life back on track ASAP 
thanks so much!
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Hi Allison,

In these uncertain times it is tricky to look too far into the the future to determine what may/may not be available

There are lenders that will include all of the above income sources, although certainly not every lender.

It is important the maintenance is regular and for the same amount with a clear, visible bank transfer

You would currently potentially have options from 15%+ deposit, obviously depending upon the absolute detail on your case.

I wish you well for the future, sure it will be a huge relief to have the defaults off your file next August
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